Black Diamond discs and Predator pads

Hi all. Just bought my 4th K11 today. I'm in love with these cars. I need new pads and discs, have any of you had any experience with the Black Diamond discs and Predator pads? Are they worth the cost? Is the performance difference noticeable? Was also thinking of using the Goodridge break line kit from rallynuts.
You'd probably see more benefit from upgrading to some vented brakes off an Almera or Sunny, the Micra discs are solid so they don't disperse heat very well.

Low Rider

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Nothing wrong with black diamond discs. There are a few people that swear by predator pads. I guess it depends on the duty they will see. I personally don't rate them as they don't tollerate heat well and seem to disintegrate fairly easily. Like many things, a lot of things comes down to personal preference. If they're going to see road use only and perhaps a bit of spirited driving, they'll be fine. For anything more demanding, they tend to fall a bit short.

Mintex M1144 are my personal pad of choice. A very good all round pad which are easily available, if a bit less budget oriented. I've run them on standard discs, bigger vented discs (Pulsar GTIR) and even have them on my AP 4-pot setup. They're however for more fast road / light track usage though, so it's horses for courses.