Bee*R Rev limiter wiring help

Recently purchased a Bee*R Rev limiter and Im needing a bit of help with wiring it in, @Scott.c (member on here) done a wiring diagram for a distributor type micra but I've got a post 2000 coilpack engine, so the ecu is completely different.

There's a choice of 4 wires; a red(12v supply) black (ground) a green one that goes to the crank angle sensor at 120' or 180' and a yellow one that goes to the crank angle sensor at 1'

I've looked on that Dropbox thing for the micra pdf files and found that pin 16 and 43 are the crank sensor

If anyone could shed any light on this I'd be really greatful because I'm useless wi electrics :confused:

Might not be, I just assumed haha! In theory it should work on anything. This guy on drift works wired it into his nova


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the coilpack crank sensor ring is positioned at 6 o,clock @ tdc, and the sensor is on the front of the g/box iirc
so that signal will be about 90 deg btdc
the cam sensor triggers every 720 deg
you probably only need the crank sensor wired to the bee-r robbi
Cheers frank, gonna try that. The wires(colours) on they pdf's don't match my cars wiring, is that the norm orrrr? :D