alarm+starting problem,'93 1.0LX model

i've just bought a '93 L plate K11 1.0LX 4 door to trade on,car is a non-runner at present due to an alarm problem,stopping the car from being started.
the car had been standing for best part of a year unused.there is a new battery recently fitted by owner,which i have on charge at moment just to refill it.
when you put the key in ignition as if to start car,the siren goes off.the car doesn't turn over or any warning lights come on etc-could be down to flat battery,so won't know till i've refitted it tomorrow..

the previous owner who i got it off said about this alarm problem but had forgotten what to do to shut it off.he had lost the keys at christmas and got a new one cut off the door barrel. so all i have is a new black nissan key,nothing else.
what i want to know is- would this car have the NATS immobiliser,or some kind of fob key,and would the alarm be factory fitted? is there a way around bypassing the alarm or getting rid of it so i can start the car?
i've taken some pics of the alarm and battery wiring etc but don't know how to post them up?

any help appreciated please,thanks...


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mine,s a 94 L reg pre-nats mike so aftermarket eh, and you can upload/host your pics at imageshack or wherever and then post a link :grinning:
It sounds like you have a combined alarm/immobiliser which is R/C activated. It will take a lot of time to remove if you go that route. I had to do it on my XR3i 10 or 12 years ago, I think it took me 5 or 6 hours to remove it and solder/insulate all the connections to get the car running again!
umm,right ok,don't fancy getting into loads of wiring TBH... after charging up the battery and refitting it yesterday,the siren would go off but the car was now turning over and telltale lights now showing on dash,fuel gauge was right on empty so likely theres no fuel at all in it so maybe it would start with some fresh fuel ? as i',m guessing that if it had an immobiliser fitted then the car wouldn't even try and turn over?
how about if i just disable the wire into the siren to keep it quiet when starting,would that affect things if it turns out it will run with fuel in it? i don't really want to spend a fortune on getting an auto-leccy guy out to it otherwise its not worthwhile,plan being to mot it and sell it.
i noticed while looking about, that there are a couple of white multiplugs under the steering column parcel tray there in with the wiring not plugged into anything,would these be factory and maybe just for functions not used for this particular model?

also,while i'm at it, i need to re-fit the drivers' door lock as previous owner had removed it to get a new key cut off it as he'd lost the keys.
anybody got a diagram of what it should look like assembled on inside,before i strip the passenger door to compare?
as i have a bag of bits and not sure what goes where.looks like theres a circlip or something missing for the end of the lock to trigger the door button.

regards pics,i'm not that great with computers so i'd need to look into registering with some kind of image hosting site and try and figure that out for uploading from my pc?!!



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you can bet that the alarm is wired into the spark or fuelpump mike, just trace the wires back and re-connect them eh :grinning:
you can bet that the alarm is wired into the spark or fuelpump mike, just trace the wires back and re-connect them eh :grinning:

most aftermarket immobilisers cut TWO circuits.
The usual circuits to find them on are Fuel pump and either power to coil or Excitor wire on starter motor