1996 Jdm Nissan march k11 no spark

Nissan march k11 jap import 96
Currently not getting spark atall
Changed plugs
Changed lead
Removed dizzy cap and cleaned metal contacts still no spark

Firstly taught it was a fuel issue,but on further inspection it’s spark

Can anyone offer any advice my head fn melted 🥴
Checked all fuses and relays
Even done an ect swap from another march I have and no spark still
Quite annoying as car was only driven and parked up recently
No idea we dont have marches here in Netherlands. Id just try it.
Appreciate all the help guys
I swapped in another dizzy this morning and she started perfectly

So now my question is what’s bad with the orginal dizzy 🤔🤔
The dizzy cap and arms seem ok in appearance anyway

I personally would like to rebuild it if possible
It’s a 2 plug dizzy

Anyone know a good website who supplies rebuild kits.

Will upload pic of dizzy shortly
One thing I will say is that the dizzy cap from a micra is different to that on the march so can’t swap over the cap from the micra to test if it’s just cap and arm problem
Hi guys I will put up a new post
But I am looking for a specific part
It’s called an optical trigger wheel
It’s inside the distributor
Any know a location / company I can purchase from specifically the one for inside the k11 dizzy