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    FS: Sony CDX-GT33U CD radio USB head unit with brackets and ISO/antenna adapters

    £40 with mounting brackets and ISO/DIN wiring adapter and antenna adaptor
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    FS: Steering wheel boss with horn wiring

    £10 horn works with a simple tapped hole and screw to extend the steering column floating contact, passes MOT
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    FS: K11 4-door Original parcel shelf with 6x9 speakers

    £15 mounted 4 terminal wiring for quick disconnect, and connection to original connector in boot
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    FS: 3 spoke racing wheel with horn push

    £25 Includes centre horn push switch and mounting screws to mount to steering wheel boss
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    FS: K11 '96 1.0 stock clocks

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    FS: Super S clocks with tacho

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    [SOLD] K11 preface Janspeed 4-2-1 full exhaust, Nodspeed panhard, Almera airbox

    Yeah, I'll try to get some pictures when it's not raining. My whole body was broken after a full day wrestling it off/out of the car, so couldn't do anything today! Will PM pics and post here soon as.
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    [SOLD] K11 preface Janspeed 4-2-1 full exhaust, Nodspeed panhard, Almera airbox

    Probably all collection only in Manchester (except small bits that are easy to post like steering wheel/boss, air box) Janspeed 4-2-1 manifold with working MAF sensor SOLD Janspeed full stainless steel exhaust and back box (full decat) + custom modded Mini centre cat to pass MOT SOLD...
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    How to remove top strut nuts?

    some people use an impact wrench/driver to get them off, that's one method - quick off... the other way is to stop the damper rod spinning by clamping mole grips on the damper rod (to be able to stop it spinning) and then use a swan neck spanner or deep socket on the top nut. I did it the...
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    35ml lower

    aren't NodSpeed panhard rods just made by Noddy on here? I have one too and pretty sure I just asked for one and paid him direct... can't remember off the top of my head though, seems like ages ago, lol Sent from my Nexus 6P using Micra Sports Club mobile app
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    Which bearing pullers for diff and mainshaft (and races)?

    I got this set of splaying end bearing pullers: The middle one down on the left made short work of getting the layshaft bearing races out. Just a few hammer slides did it. I think the splayed end things are key in getting a grip on the back of the races. I had to smash up the oil feed thing...
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    Which bearing pullers for diff and mainshaft (and races)?

    ah yeah I saw a few people do welds to pull... unfortunately I can't weld, although I could have bought a welder and paid for a welding course with the amount spent on welding for MOTs over the years, lol
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    Which bearing pullers for diff and mainshaft (and races)?

    I'm plodding away at a snail's pace with the gearbox bearing replacement and managed to get the input shaft bearings out/off, and the diff bearing outer races, but I have a 3 size set of 3-arm bearing pullers which are too fat-fingered to pull the tapered bearings off (as there's only a tiny bit...
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    35mm lower, do I need to use an adjustable panhard

    Get enough people in the back of the car, or load the boot up (or both) until the car lowers by 35mm... then see how the wheel to arch offset looks, and decide if it's acceptable. It's not really a lot, I found it starting offsetting past what I thought was ok at about 40-50mm lowered