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  • i dont really know exactly what mm they are tbh i got them with my coilovers so i just adjusted the height that way, i have smoked back lights for sale aswell and a black spoiler.
    might be selling the springs out of my car, as i got other ones that aren't as low because i do a lot of driving and im afraid i'll end up ripping the bumpers off lol no bumpers tho im afraid
    there are no parts up for sale in the auctions at the moment, they are rare to find them open mouth grills i was lucky to pick one up i had to buy the micra just to get the open mouth grille ha, did ya check out my blog for the spec list yet? i dont go near ballymount because anytime i use to the garda would have some excuse to do me the ####ers yeah i still have the car i have it over a year it was a bog standard 1.3 when i bought it and i've done loads to it ha shes me baby i'd never part with it for anything was even offered a glanza v for it ha
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