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    Wat is this part is it easily movable?

    its part of the power steering system iirc, and can be moved out the way by bending the bracket to give clearence (at least thats how i did it)
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    The latest project-K11

    Jason, you have a PM.... (Y)
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    The worst your car has looked

    micras and hedges don't mix..... :suspect:
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    which K11 should i get 1.0L or 1.3L?

    that would explain why my old pre-f/l was better on the juice then my '99, both were 1.0s but the pfl managed 40ish mpg wheras the f/l only managed low 30's (but had p/s tho)
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    which K11 should i get 1.0L or 1.3L?

    i thought ED had looked at the fuel maps and said they were the same for the 1.0/1.3 (with the only real difference being the ignition timing) hence why the 1.3 usually has better mpg fwn
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    Mine and dad's new project =]

    as superls said, i'm interested to hear what your gonna drop into that spacious engine-bay.... rover v8 would give it an authentic sound, but an sr or rb would be awesome! (Y)
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    Here we go again

    steelies bend, wheras alloys crack - plus their cheeper to replace...
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    Ferrit Mobile.

    loving the blanked out rear windows - looks awesome!!!
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    1.3 Stage / Road Rally Micra [was Enduro Rally Car]

    congrats on a very successful season suze!. just goes to show what a pretty much factory spec k11 can do in the right hands.. and love the look on your co-drivers face in that 3rd pic, classic!
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    Inlet manifold

    couldnt tell you what models the bits came from micra69, the only way i know the combination of parts is the file name mulholland used when they posted that pic up on their website...
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    Inlet manifold

    if your handy with a welder you could try knocking together something like this - its a CG flange, GA runners and an SR plenum chamber hybrid from Mulholland
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    MPG: K11 1.0 vs. K11 1.3 ?

    i'm pretty sure Ed said the 1.0 and 1.3 fuel maps are the same, just with the 1.0 running a little more ignition advance through the range - that would give the 1.3 better mpg as its producing more hp for the same fuel being used......
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    hi Peter, its all here...

    hi Peter, its all here PeterC is the man to talk to about this, checkout for contact details Alex
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    Good for a laugh, Ebay K10 for sale :D

    listings been removed - what was so funny?.
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    pics of the k13

    using my awesome ms paint skills i've prepaired this fine artists impression of a modified K13 - once lowered and smoothed out it'll look pretty good.... the supercharged 1.2l option sounds pretty tempting too.... Edit - just realised what that front end reminds me of, if ou squint just right...