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    Blue coolant light after a run

    Because the thermostat was in the open position it allowed the engine to over cool (blue light) By doing this the ecu produced a richer fuel mixture and lower mpg Once the thermostat was changed the blu light stayed off. The mpg increased and the heater was a lot warmer in the car Hope this helps
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    K12 front side lights not working

    have you checked the bulbs
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    K12 micra pollen filter

    no air conditioning, then no pollen filter. same on my car
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    Blue coolant light after a run

    ok got to the bottom of this if anyone else has similar issue took the thermostat out and it wasn't closing when testing allowing to cooling system to over cool changed the thermostat and has stopped the blue light coming
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    Blue coolant light after a run

    the blue coolant light sometimes goes on and off after a run even though the engine is hot I thinking that this could either be a faulty switch or wiring issue Anyone else had the same issue and know the cause
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    Cabin pollen filter

    i have a 2003 k12 Micra without air con Will this model have a pollen filter that needs changing Didn't want to strip the glovebox and trim to find it doesn't have one Curiosity got the better of me so I had to take a look. The early 2003 k12 Micra without air con does not have a pollen...
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    Looking for standard speakers

    I have a pair or one front speaker you can have from a k12 Micra Just need to cover cost of postage
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    What tyres would you recommend?

    Try Choose the tyres you want and have them fitted at national tyres Save a good 20% from retail
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    K12 Non starter

    Are there any earth straps on the gearbox that have been left off or need cleaning. If the car was ok before fitting the gearbox then that is the only thing I can think that would cause the issues
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    K12 horn fuse and relay

    hi where is the horn fuse and relay located on a k12
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    Wire hanging under passenger front seat 3 door k12

    So does it not plug into anything then
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    Wire hanging under passenger front seat 3 door k12

    The lead main lead comes from the floor under the passenger seat then splits into two. One of the connection goes to the airbag on the outer part of the seat The connection that is left hanging is a white connector I can't see where it would plug into given the range it could fit The other...
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    Losing Power

    When I worked at Nissan we used to have to replace the back section of the exhaust as they used to collapse inside and restrict the exhaust flow
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    K12 second fusible link blown

    Will check the Nissan manual if you stil need help
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    Blower motor very noisy

    Do you still need to get blower out. I have a workshop electronic manual I can check for you