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    1.4 ecu sport + same as james's

    hiya, whaTS THE BEST TYPE OF CAMS FOR THE 1.4 SPORT PLUS, any links to where can get them
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    hello young man how are you? just wondering frank.. would u be able to lower the front of my...

    hello young man how are you? just wondering frank.. would u be able to lower the front of my micra bit more i.e cut springs
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    Photo's of Members K12's

    k12's are becoming more and more popular now.... im 50/50 on trading my 52 plate sport + in for 1.. think I will go for test drive(Y)
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    Simonh's Festival Park Cruise

    1.simonh 2.john86 3.meraredgti
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    sounds good mate.. keep me posted
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    My Glanza blog! :D

    Nice car mate i had a silver 1, 14.7 quarter mile.. just becarefull as parts are hard to find. i.e drive shafts etc only mods needed is jam racing fuel cut defencer, hks acuator set too 0.9 bar, fuel pressure regulator set to 3.0 bar induction and away u go
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    next midlands meet sunday 11th march

    I'm up for this meet, is there a post code to the venue?
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    West Mids...Staffordshire

    AWESOME pics Arnold, thank you
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    West Mids...Staffordshire

    very good pics mate.. very impressed.. nice to see you guys again
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    Paintballing meet 24th may 2009

    can do sunday 1. dragonmaster 2. squarepants 3. jowley 4.tredderk11 5. john86 6. meraredgti
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    West Mids...Staffordshire

    nice seeing you all.. when and where shall we do the next meet? thanks for good laugh frank.
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    West Mids...Staffordshire

    k11 has been polished and looking sweet.. see u lads tomorow ....
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    West Mids...Staffordshire

    how many will be getting the auto glym out today then ready for tomorow
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    K11 Induction Kit....

    Hiya mate what is the blue hose for?
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    Photo's of Members K11's

    where do u get those induction kits? im little lost lol