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    Yet another great reason to the Join the MSC officially

    You entered the link in wrong kev, they are a good company though.
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    K11 perfor Mods........need advice

    If you take a look at you can see a list of parts for your micra on there :)
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    Windows media help!

    Thanks for everyones, help i dont have access to the internet all the time but hopefully i can download it soon.
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    Windows media help!

    Hey just got my computer back from my ex after she had deleted everything, my computer doesnt have a sound device, where can i download one? thanks for any help in advance Glenn.
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    1993 1.3 slx

    Welcome to the club
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    My First Micra...

    Everything that you have mentioned is pretty much what most people plan to do with their cars when they get them, just depends on whether or not you get it done! I have done pretty much everything you mentioned but it took me like 2 years lol just depends on money and time really..good luck...
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    Another ebay micra..
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    Photo's of Members K11's All the ones that i have found are avaliable are there..
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    first mod to k12

    For 200 quid you could get: Window tints, they would prob be about 200 quid. Lowering springs around 150ish i guess once they are fitted etc. Think the rear lights are about 100ish quid from what i remember.External stuff is mainly just body kits, there will be various things avaliable for...
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    first mod to k12

    Depends on budget, if you are looking for performance or external? there are a few factors really...
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    Welcome to the club, nice colour car!
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    eBay micra..

    I think if it had a smooth boot and tints then it could look alot better, everything is kinda there really lol
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    I'm a n00b!

    Welcome to the site!
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    eBay micra..