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    Corolla - written off :( (now with crash pics)

    Sorry to hear about this. Shame as it looked like a really nice car. Glad your ok though :)
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    Well I've just had a call from my insurance company about the incident that happened so obviously he has gone through his insurance company to repair his car in the end anyway. Basically my company just told me that they had been informed about the accident from his company and they have been...
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    Thanks for the kind words Gemma and Tom. Yeah I hate it as much as you do. Everyone seems to make a claim for whiplash these days whether they are actually injured or not. We all end up paying for it in the end in higher premiums. I guess its the same for any system where you claim money...
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    Sorry to hear about your neck. The thing is though, I don't think I have whiplash severe enough to want to make a claim for it. I hate this idea where we live in a society where we claim for a broken fingernail these days. If you genuinly have a neck injury and you have to miss work, etc then by...
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    FAO Admins and KEV - Re: 59bhp is more than enough

    I understand that your annoyed mate, but couldn't this be said in a PM to Kev? Its not nice to see disputes like this made public
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    Thanks for the replies. Neck is fine now, just a bit stiff, but I'm sure I'll be fine :) Ok, to start with, we did exchange contact and vehicle details, so thats not an issue. If he wants to go through his insurance its upto him as far as I'm concerned but we agreed that there was little...
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    I know I don't say much on here but I just got back from college after an incident this morning I thought I'd tell you all about. I came off the A38 dual carriageway on the way to my college in Burton and approached a roundabout at the end of the exit slip road. The traffic was heavy so I...
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    New Car Anyone?

    Saw that on Richard and Judy. He looked like a little kid in a sweet shop. Bless :wasntme:
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    Sills & Drain Tubes a Question

    Just to add, I've got a 94 L-reg with a sun roof, slight rust just starting to bubble at the rear end of the sills on both sides, treated them with waxoil stuff a few months back, but probably won't make much difference as I only did them on the outside. Front ends of the sills and...
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    Whats this about?

    ok thanks for letting me know :)
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    Whats this about?

    Just a quick question, I received this e-mail, dated from yesterday: Dear Graeme May, Your subscription to Bronze Membership Subscriptionhas been cancelled by Micra Sports Club. You will not be invoiced for this Subscription again. -----------------------------------...
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    'Lights left on' alarm?

    My L-reg LX has one so looks like you have one but it needs repairing/replacing
  13. G Row erupts over new MoT test plan

    I totally agree with that. It seems very suspicious that this has suddenly come out so recently after the massive objections from motorists about road charging. I do detect some government spin here. I think that current government policy on cars has very little to do with road safety or the...
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    Driving Test Tomorrow!!!

    Congratulatiuons and just take it easy for the first couple of years :)
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    Some old computer bits and pieces for sale.....

    Ok no probs :)