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    Ollies New Car

    Are you going to re-spray it in Orange?!!!!! :p
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    little sods need there heads kicking in

    I can understand your distress, but speaking like that won't get you very far. I wouldn't lower yourself to their level either. Do the police have any leads?
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    Last parts for sale!!!!

    Bolton, theres a couple of links above of the skirts so have a look. I'll try and get some more asap tho. Springs provisionally sold to you pending payment. :) Will do :)
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    Last parts for sale!!!!

    Ok bolton let me know. I'll let the skirts go for 60. I just want it all out the way!! I'll get a pic later for you. Bit wet atm!! I'm happy to wait a few days so let me know asap. Sorry Maccy i need these gone asap. If they're still around later in June your quite welcome to buy them! :)
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    Howdy all. I am new round here.

    Welcome :)
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    Last parts for sale!!!!

    Jabran, i'm looking for 75 for the springs, as they're the rarer 40mm drop. Postage will be between 20-25 quid though as they aren't light!! And they're bulky. Londons not too far though if your willing to travel?!!!, or we can exchange them at the Santa Pod meet. I've bought skirts before...
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    Last parts for sale!!!!

    The skirts would prob be around 20 quid to post beacuse of their odd size. I don't really want to post them though in case they get damaged. I will be at Santa Pod though. But otherwise it can be arranged at your own risk. I won't be responsible for the delivery companies rough work though!
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    Last parts for sale!!!!

    Right. Sorry guy's Panhard rod is now sold to Retepetsir. Strut brace sold to Suze pending payment Bumper sold to Toney. Picking up this week is fine after 6pm. Not on thurs tho! Let me know :) Yeah i'm sure they will. I think Nis has the 2nd facelift anyway. Theres a pic on here...
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    Last parts for sale!!!!

    Yes the panhard rod is adjustable. It's actually blue now with Whiteline written on it in white. It used to belong to Kristian when he had his yellow k11. PM's replied to. Strutbrace and bumper sold to Toney - pending payment
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    Last parts for sale!!!!

    Hey peeps. As most of you know i now have a bike. I have already sold a lot of my stuff i bought for the car but i have now decided to sell the rest!! So!! I have......... 40mm Lowering Springs by Apex - Excellent condition, still coated in yellow. Whiteline Strutbrace - SOLD Impul...
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    k11 goodies

    Right. Stuart still has the parts. You can contact him via e-mail on - [email protected] :)
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    k11 goodies

    I'll ask for you!!! :)
  13. Ems Secret Road Tax Hits Thousands

    Money grabbing [email protected]! Does this mean 'tax extempt' (25years or older) cars are no longer allowed?!!!
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    Next South Meet Ideas

    I want to go karting :( We always mention it but never arrange it :(
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    Brighton Marina - 26/04/2008 - Pictures!

    good meet peeps. I'm shattered now though. Must be the sun!!