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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    FYI those who feel connected to this, I'm keeping a close eye on things. Please be adults and don't make me have to intervene.
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    Fusion Motorsport - New Website!

    Finally I've got it live, still lots to do, but check it out :)
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    K11 ECU re-programming

    Yes Nistune type 5 boards can do this.
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    I'm after some Non Nats ECUs. If you have any please drop me a message... Thanks :)
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    A rebuild I've just done. And for reference what a proper diamond honed bore looks like.
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    Micra k10 turbo from finland :)

    i dont understand vhat you want to know??? this engine isnt ready yet not revving enough and not ready tuned spark advance table and so on! with the old setup ive tryed to put a pipe direktly to trottle body didnt make thath much diffrence thath i tought..... and this Engine will not be worked...
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    Micra k10 turbo from finland :)

    I used to think the same until I first used the dyno. It really is not different to the 'real world'. I record the same temp variations as you do, the same loads etc etc. The only difference with the 'real world' is that variations are more extreme. In order to quantify how well something works...
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    Micra k10 turbo from finland :)

    You have just changed what you said, you said "Will make the car very laggy"[SIC] I'm not saying its not OTT, I'm not even mentioning how much is "used", I'm commenting on exactly what you said, to which I disagree, because my experience with turbo's differs. I hear comments like this all the...
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    Micra k10 turbo from finland :)

    Work out the airflow from the turbo vs the internal volume of an intercooler and you will see that actually the effect is not NEARLY as bad as you make out...
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    I need to see those pistons properly. They look damaged. Can you send to me, or are they still in the block. I'll also measure rings, I'm sure I will be able to get you some much cheaper, and possibly better from Total seal etc. Halfords 15/40 will be fine. Cage thing looks ok. although I...
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    My Little Blue Impul (K10 ST)

    Nice work :)
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    Quite cool, but no way would it be 180hp if I put it on the dyno. Even VVL SR20s struggle that in reality.
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    I get the blocks machined TO the pistons. That means if one pistons is slightly different size to another we can account for it. Absolutely CANNOT swap the main cage from one block to another. That would probably be fine but I'd want to see what you had done to the cage first. NO...
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Damn polly. If you want to be SURE you get this right, bring the pistons with NEW rings to me and I'll get the block machined/honed for you. Its about £100 but I can guarantee it will be done to better than OEM tolerances. You can then rebuild it and carefully gap your rings to the specs I...