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    Cheap Tuning Advice

    stop asking for cheating idea's carl
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    MA 10 DIZZY.

    heard it all now,,,, block of wood under the peddle...and playing with rota arms fitting a shift light or rev counter still will not stop you over reving the engine,, just like sn 31 says fit a rev limiter
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    Ignition Advance

    best timing I found was 26 deg advance at 4000 rpm (vacuum pipe block off)
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    Best looking k10 ever

    at the nec this weekend
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    Advice on buying a carb

    don't mess about changing the dashpot spring or anything in the carb,,,use standard engine oil in the top damper......try and set it up without doing anything to the needle,,,1st get it to idle,,,ie set the throttle stop so the engine is running around 1000rpm and then wined the mix screw in or...
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    Advice on buying a carb

    You can buy the correct spacer from any good mini spares place for a couple of quid
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    Advice on buying a carb

    the 44hiff looks a big carb but su's work differently to other carbs like downdraft will never see it fully open even though your foots is all the way down the vacuum dashpot will never open fully even on autograss racing k10 doing 7500+rpm
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    Advice on buying a carb

    Spacer only needs to be around 20mm thick,,,,,and the standard k10 fuel pump would be fine nothing else is needed.....
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    Advice on buying a carb

    ......Yes its bob ellis here lol
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    Advice on buying a carb

    thats the one,,,you will prob best setting up on the rolling road will need a spacer between the carb and inlet....this is how it should look when finished
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    Advice on buying a carb

    you dont need them long torque tube setups for the road,,,just stick an 1"3/4 su (44hif) on that one in the picture and youle be well away..
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    Were to put your K10 engine
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    Weber dgv twin choke inlet manifold

    On Ebay You would have a job to find better..