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    Exeter meet?

    i wish man but no car :(
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    fake iphone

    well my mate lost it in a pub and claimed off of the insurance then the pub rang up saying that they had found it ,strange thing was it wernt even blocked lol
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    Micrafish's March Cabriolet

    ignore what i said i read your other post lol
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    the end of my micra days...

    only thing im saying is that its french lol you wait and see ;)
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    Micrafish's March Cabriolet

    how has he done that? damn this site has changed lol
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    £1500 for k10?

    I'll have it..........if they knock a zero off :p
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    fake iphone

    i hope you get your money back dude, just to tell ya i bought a 8gb 3g off my mate for 15 quid lol and it was real haha
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    Video Games

    nope but by the looks of the adverts i'll be definately getting it lol
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    rear speakers

    i just saw this thread, if you posted it on friday i would of had an original parcel shelf with factory fitted speakers you could of had for nothing lol, but unfortunately it went to the tip
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    Video Games

    oh and not forgetting episodes from liberty city
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    Video Games

    Hey i play loads of video games, most of them retro lol my gamertag is : sargent bash89 (dont laugh and i know its spelt wrong lol) and my playstation network name is : bash18 i also use my 360 gamertag for gta4 for the pc because i love the mods lol, and to be honest i prefer farcry2...
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    Solarice in Banzai!

    thats cool , last micra i saw was the yellow one but cant remember the members name lol (mind went totally blank)
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    about you?

    Name: Ash Bryant Age: 20 Occupation: Worked for Mercedes Benz got made redundant,Now a bum LoL Soon to be working at ASDA yay! not lol Music: Anything thats got a good beat. Interests: Was Micra,pc gaming,building pc's,collecting retro consoles Cars Owned: 99 Micra Ally 1.0 now gone :o( ...
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    1.4 sport +

    wish i had the money ,well if you still got it in a couple of months maybe i'll give you a shout mate