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    Blog: RWD CGA3 Rally Build

    Looking forward to seeing your progress mate and hopefully seeing you out on the stages!
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    Adams Micra Blog

    So it's took a few years but I'm back! Got another micra this time a facelift, this one is going to be sr20'd! So will keep you all updated with the progress! Currently have the engine box shafts ecu etc and the car so will be removing the engine soon and getting started! Any help or advice...
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    sr20 conversion, interior wiring help needed!!

    Hi Guys, Im currently doing an SR20 conversion and need to find a wiring diagram for the interior loom of a K11 facelift 98 reg. We are confident we can get the car running using the p10 EGT ecu but would like to keep the standard clocks lights etc so need to split the looms. All the wiring...
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    Adams Micra Blog

    Unfortunately it got sold. No idea where it is now! Still love the thing but upgraded to a 106 GTI which is alot faster on track so in a way onwards and upwards! Wont be the last micra i own though!
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    Member's eBay Finds

    K11 Pre Facelift Headlight protectors brand new in box
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    k11 and p10 owner

    jimmy its a micra forum! maybe put more pics of the micra up and less of the primera and more people might reply! Anyway you buying these rotas lad? x
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    K11 disk axle and standard front shocks.

    do you have eveerything to put discs and calipers on? would it be a pretty straight forward swap? Cheers Adam
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    Black body parts pretty please

    I need some body parts for the micra 2 front wings bonnet 2 doors (3 door) and a standard black bonnet (not off super s or sr) If anybody can help with any please pm me Cheers Adam
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    Adams Micra Blog

    Roll cage has turned up :D Next step paint the cage orange and put it in the car :D
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    Proper bolt in rollcage to fit K11

    Anthony to fit it do you need to cut the side heaters out of the dash or does it just miss them? Cheers
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    Proper bolt in rollcage to fit K11

    The cage is staying in the club with me :D Have message you about postage cost so i can paypal you the money cheers Adam
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    Adams Micra Blog

    ill be keeping them mate i do have the rota look alikes that came on the car i will be selling
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    Adams Micra Blog

    Cheers for the nice replays guys :) I shal get some pics of the engine bay soon! The calipers and discs are of a sunny gti-r/almera gti The discs are drilled and groved of a company off eBay but they are very good! Pads are standard mintex pads And yes the braided hoses are from goodridge :)
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    Adams Micra Blog

    Few Updates New wheels for the car Have put a new engine and gearbox in the car and did its 1st trackday today :)
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    Proper bolt in rollcage to fit K11

    Not on ebay? I do want it though :) PM me with a price if you have any in mind there about £450 new