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Hello ,
I have a big request for help ... The car ran out of battery and the code from the radio is needed ... The car is a Nissan Juke and I am sending you the chassis number ... If you need any more information, say ... By the way, I'm reporting from Serbia and at this moment I wish you the best health ...



7 612 830 032



SW: 0225
I can only supply codes fro BlauPunkt radios.
Sadly no codes available from the VIN number, only Nissan main dealers can supply that way and it will NOT be cheap :mad:
hi, just bought a 2003 micra dci for my daughter and spent a lot on getting through the mot and now the ps light is on and i am gutted for her, we live near tewkesbury and was wondering if you might look at it for me, it wouldn't take long for me to drive up to birmingham, thanks, eddie
I’m happy to help if you are respectful of social distancing.
that is no problem
Hi really i appreciate to get my radio code it was long time made my mine up set. I appreciate from Micra Club as well. thanks
Hi really i appreciate to get my radio code it was long time made my mine up set. I appreciate from Micra Club as well. thanks
Hello. I changed the battery in the car and i dont know radio code. Can somebody help me please ? BP334947259625 Thank you!
This car has been a lady owner. garaged car all its life. I am not a mechanic, but for 18 years old this car is in remarkable condition.I dont know what to do with it.Run it till it dies. Or would someone in this club know of someone who would put this away,love and cherish it. This would make a great low mileage classic
do you know if Ed still makes ecu for micra k11 with nats 2 delete ?
Ok can you tell me. Ive been reading about peoble useing older ecu with No nats. Do you know what ecu? An if its a big hassel to doo?
you need the prenats oblong ecu, and you have to swap about 3 wires iirc, there should be some threads on here somewhere
ty alot i will look for it
Hello MrFahrenheit,

Thank you so much for your kindly intervention. Your intuition is right. I have been like a bear with a sore head with this for some time and it has made things difficult for me, although there are much much worse things in live of course. Would you be able to contact me on just in case we are not allowed to talk about this sort of thing.
Many thanks.
Indeed. I was a bit unsure myself how to propose it, but as I'm giving it away I'd hope it wouldnt affect a 'buy and sell' forum. I shall send an email within the next hour, check your spam in case it goes there. Any problems let me know. Regards, Andrew.
Hi, Help please, have 2013 nissan micra , i replace feul pump ( universal fuel pump) last week thursday, vehicle was driving oryte till saterday, struggle to start and loose power on the road, what could that be,
Please help me find my radio code for my K12. S/N PP300 1MB 00344 04 and P/No 276-0034-54.
Thank you very much in advance.
Hi everyone,
Just signed up with the club in the hope of help with how to mend my Bess!
I am not mechanically minded at all, so would appreciate any advice please on the best way to go
about it!!
Drive belt gone
1999 sport micra, that would probably help, lol
Need help. Battery drains overnight. Car starts on a boost pack but now won't switch off. Have to stall car to kill engine. Any ideas please?!
Hi Liam, what wheels do you have on your car? They seem very similar to what I'm looking for.
hi frank, im strugling with my micra with my radio code.
my radio is a daewoo
serail no is:dw46n20017043hn4b
part no: 281853hn4b
model no: agc-3220yf-b
date: 07.04.2014

thanks in advance
i have a micra 2014

my radio is a daewoo
serail no is:dw46n20017043hn4b
part no: 281853hn4b
model no: agc-3220yf-b
date: 07.04.2014

can anyone help me get a code please???
thanks in advance
My serial number is: BP3349 3 6348661
Part number: 7 643 349 318

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Hi, got a Pao on route from Japan and want to coilover it, did you get a set? where from please?
If anyone is breaking a k10 and has exterior black side trim let me know.
hi all just got a micra 1.0L twin cam 16v and omg this thing gos only got it till i got better car but no she is a keeper what a car
Always been underestimated bud. I'm back on here after something like a 12 year break!!! Just had to buy another after a wide range of other cars lol
Please post all requests for radio codes in the appropriate thread on the forum and I will help if I can....
I do NOT supply unlock codes by PM's to 'new' members........
Hello. Please help
Yola de dupreez
Yo are simy the best. Thx you very very much. Your code unlocked my radio. So so many thx.
Hello, there may be some opportunity to find out the radio code for my newly purchased micra, the previous owner changed the battery, and the code away, would be very grateful Radio number BP234746058039 7642347318 Thank you
hey guys and girls ....just found this little gem of a site ..after months of watching George likes micras ...I love him ...any I have bought a wee mica a year now and again I love her all the work myself with the help of the vids I find trouble is finding a set of alloys....I know they are 4 stud ..size 14 now ...but can use please advise what ones I can use? ....she is 2002 Nissian Micra twister ..
Hi Lynne, I'm new to this site, where do we see the answers to the question members ask. Thanks, rabeau57
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top right hand corner under alerts ...welcome to the site ..I am still hoping for and answer too .
look for 4x100 PCD stud pattern. If you can, try research and wrap your head around how wheel specifications are used - offset and width etc.
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Hi guys

I own a Nissan Micra 2004 and recently put a new battery, yes I have no idea what my code is. please somebody help!!!!

Serial number is BP334947273327

I’m looking for 4x100 micra k11 alloys , exhaust , de cat ... maybe even full turbo manifold and kit what’s around for these I need this day and age .....