Window mechanism- manual donor for repair electric one [quick tutorial]


big question, removed my drivers side mechanism today- it cracked nera the motor(/crank) mounting screws= main swing point. I thought about welding this sh**! but two last teeths ale broken...

manual mechanism cost about 5gbp in my country, I dont need electric one ,because electrical components works.

does anybody used manual one to repair electric? Looks like the crank/motor mounting plate CAN be different.

I can just weld the mounting plate, but it will be a lot easier to remove crank mechanism,drill holes and just mount motor with screws.

Heres some photos, but may dead after auction end.


any help will be appreciated, sun shines badly :cool:
I will get one, but 90% are manuals, just wasting money for engine ,which works, and second one will be usless anyway.

other hand i can re-weld and shape those teets too... dunno, If they didn't close this shop too early I will try with manual one. Less work I think
Okay, repaired it today, it's raining here ,so it is huge success :)

heres the mess, cracked near the pivot point and bald teeths


only difference are lack of motor mounting holes and manual mechanism "axle"

all you have to do is remove the manual axle- it's holding at curved metal claws, just grind them or push with screwdriver

then drill the holes. One have small bump in the middle of bracket- if you drill this one first and straight at center- it will be peace of cake to mark the other two.

motor mounted ,also made some reinforcments at weak section

good thing is to drill extra hole in "comb" section- it will prowide reach to motor screw

just put some grease at guideways and work done.

Maybe it will help someone one day
sorry for s**tty photos, I forgot the camera, was in rush to buy this mechanism today