Synthetic Oil Q's


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Hi guys,

Had a few mins of free time at work so I started shopping for some engine oil.

I'm looking here

on the right hand side there are "synthetic oils" and "ester synthetic"

Could someone explain the difference? Pros / cons?
In language we can relate to ;)

And the difference between those and "race / competition synthetic" ?


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You can pm @oilman for an answer, he's very helpful. I think ester based synthetics are much more resistant to shear forces, so the molecule chains don't break down as quickly or as much under high loads.

Race competition synthetic I don't know, I imagine they are designed to take more punishment.

Would be interested too if you get any further info.


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I'd imagine ester synthetic is synthetic oil, as opposed to mineral or fat based oils (pig fat used to be used in axle boxes once upon a time)
I thought ester synthetic oil was the one that was used in hydro elastic suspension? (Metros, Minis, Rolls Royce Citeron etc)


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Ok done some research and dig out my a level chemistry book. Esters are a family of chemicals that are used for lubrication in various industries (e.g. aviation). They differ from straight synthetic hydrocarbons in that they have extra single and double bonded oxygen atoms. They are easy to tailor for specific requirements. So a synthetic oil (lubricant would be a better term) may have a low, high, or even 100% fraction of esters in its composition. Whether an oil with a high ester content is ' better ' is entirely dependant on what its intended use is.