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squarepants primera gt


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i absolutly love this car, always like them. i love how good the suspension is and the fact they have a blacktop sr20. really under the radar car as you guys know.

mods its got..
rear tints
sunstrip from window tint film
t-cutted rear badges so there now black
ebay 4 branch manifold
ep3 ctr small aireal
apexi air filter
144 primera alloys painted matt black
de-tango'd rear outer lights
aero wipers with slightly smaller rear blade
black tinit indicator bulbs
r34 clear side repeters

also have this to fit..

kakimoto :D


Dan, just stick with a bloody Nissan this time! You've had your fingers burned with that Euro crap too many times now! ;)

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its deffo a keeper this one. had a look underneath whilest it had the MOT, and its really clean with no rust. even the tester complimented it and said it was amazing for its age... its only done 86thousand aswell. not seen many with that sort of mileage :)