Service code 429

My daughter has code 429 with a spanner flag up when she starts her car. Anyone shed any light as to what this means?

Its telling you how many miles overdue your service is.

You need to get it serviced, a d reset the indicator

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the car is starting?

I've searched a list of error codes and neither of those numbers are on it, tried searching 0429 and 1429, same with 0548 and 1548

searched the forum for 429 and nobody else has posted that number except this thread and £429 in relation to insurance prices and things

I'm stumped
That's not a code it says - minus 429 Spanner sign is service light. So its over due. According to what's been input for service interval...
So basically a reminder.If not sure how many miles. Should probably look how many you have done since last service. Might be about 6000 at a guess check your manual also for that.

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