My CV boot cover is off and the cv joint has been clicking - how much is this kind of repair going to cost?

I’m guessing the cover slipped off and dumped the grease many months ago.
For the last 4 months it has made a clicking noise when turning slowly full lock.

I’m guessing this has done damage beyond just re greasing and covering again?

Does anyone know how much a reasonably priced small garage is likely to charge for this?
Can get a cv kit for £20 or so, and it can be done at home
Just unbolt the strut from the hub of top mount , take the solution out and but and pull the cv out and the get it off the drive shaft without pulling out the gearbox
This is not a DIY novice job.

Get firm fixed price quotes from local repair workshops & avoid the national chain free fit groups.

A recon drive shaft, an hours labour to fit plus VAT.
It's not a hard job ,I'm sure there is guides, pmlval, don't start making everything is hard , it's fairly straight forward ,
Only problem can be the nut on the drive shaft , due to the size , and nuts on the hub/strut can rust on

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