Manual gearstick 'slop'

Amongst the many things that I have on my list 'to do', one of them is to fix the slop in the gearstick side to side.

Whilst I have not inspected the linkage yet, I highly suspect the bushing on the gear selector cables have worn on one or both cable selectors.... here was me thinking - this should be a doddle to sort out!

Try as I might, but I cant find any reliable repair kits other than one in the US, but by the time I have added shipping, its heading towards $50. I can buy a complete selector cable from a scrapper of ebay for £30ish (although that in itself opens up questions - is the bush there and is it worn(!?).

Anybody experienced this slop in the gearstick, and even better, fixed it? I'm hoping that the bushes are the same in another Nissan this greatly increasing the chance of finding a fix! However, the service manual does not mention and swappable parts, or bolts to tighten.

I suppose if I leave it long enough, the part will become so worn that it will part ways not allowing me to select a gear!

If it is only side to side then I'd expect it to be one of the bushes as one cable handles side to side and the other handles back and forth. If its at the gearbox end that shouldn't be too bad to find as its the same gearbox as the k12 and many other nissan/renault cars (JH3 gearbox), however if its on the gearstick end I don't know if that would be a common part with other cars. I think the ones on the gearstick end may be common with the k12, as my shifter assembly looks the same as my brothers k12.

Hope this helps :)

I believe the issue is gearstick end (based on just feel) end as there is no resistance where the is play - I would have thought if there was play at the gearbox side I would feel the resistance of the cable itself?

Once its in gear there is side to side play but not back and forth play so agree with you that its likely to be one of the bushes rather than both. If I get chance later, I will try and take a look. (also found on ebay from the same place but slightly cheaper shipping cost). This kit appears to be for the auto, but have sent them an email to enquire. I have not been able to find a UK supplier and the only parts I can find are replacement cables of varying price but minimum £30 from a scrapper.... dont want to go through the effort of swapping cables if a simple bush swap will do the job.
So, seems as though I jumped the gun. I was only able to lift the centre console just enough to see the links handbrake in the way and the upper part of the dash!).

I'm pleased to report that they are not the fault, the cables appear to be held in place so my gut feeling is that something on the upper side is loose/worn, but without taking out the entire centre console its difficult to say.

I'm going to leave it, its not impacting on gear changes and now I know the links are firmly in place

Drivers side:

Passenger side:
Take a look at my thread changing gear shifter mechanism.
This is for the k12 but might be the same problem.
What I found was a new unit was way nicer and it was not perfect but I improved the feel just by filling the joint up as this was cracked on both of the shifters.
It cost me about 40 ish quid and was not very complicated to replace as I was already doing the exhaust.
In my case it was just the two bolts and I could drop the mech.
Before I changed that out it was horrible between 2nd and 3rd..

From your title description it sounds like the same thing.

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