K12 Radio Codes

K12 Radio Code Thread

This is the official thread for K12 radio codes.

Please provide your serial number (starting with BP) in reply to this thread.

Please bear in mind that the generous people that provide these codes do so in their spare time so please be patient when requesting a code.
Hi Folks...Please can you help get my music back? Desperate for my code...BP538471215924 Thanks! Rachel.
can anyone help with a stereo code for the attached serial number, seems the majority of people on here do not have a clarion stereo
Any help would be very much appreciated


Hi there i have a 2008 Nissan micra k12 and im needing the radio code as new battery was put in.
Serial # DDB0402125
This is the only serial# that is on the Radio.
Cheers Shawry
Help i have just changed the ign switch on my micra cant get air bag light to go out +my radio needs a code the serial number is bp 3349 could anyone help me with this please
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Just bought a broken micra 160sr Has a abs light and esp light on ,has had ABS unit changed,front wheel sensors changed
I've been told of u1000 code
I start checking for myself tomorrow
Oh and No radio code