K12 Radio Codes

Hi Guys,
after replaced the battery in my Micra K12 need code to my Clarion PN-3000, SN: PP3001MB0026446
I've got number 3574 in my service book but it doesn't work at all
Can You Help me, please ?
Hello there. If someone can help I’d really appreciate. I need a radio code for the serial nr: DW36N00706073HN4B
Part: 281853HN4B
Date: 06.07.2013
Kind Regards
K12 Radio Code Thread

This is the official thread for K12 radio codes.

Please provide your serial number (starting with BP) in reply to this thread.

Please bear in mind that the generous people that provide these codes do so in their spare time so please be patient when requesting a code.
My Micra K12 radio stopped working and now it has come back to life! Can anyone help me obtain the radio code?
It is BP 3349 4723 2167
Hi There!
I bought a micra cc 2008 last week for my wife and i dont have a radio code for it. Could someone might help me please?