K11 new caliper bracket?

Hi all, been servicing a seized front brake and whilst the caliper itself is fine and the piston still moves freely, one of the 2 sliders on the bracket had Seized. Upon freeing it off I identified the cause - on the inside edge of the slider tube? Runner? Housing? The wall had rotted through leaving a significant hole.

A quick Google doesn't seem to reveal any nos or pattern parts I can buy (although the calipers themselves are abundant) - advice?


They’re discontinued by manufacturer. I work for a BMW dealer and although a BMW dealer the parts department can get parts for anything, they’ve rang Nissan for me and other suppliers and nobody has them. There’s scrapyards that have them used but I don’t know if they’re going to be any better. I am in a similar position to you, my carriers are rusty and they’re rattling even cleaned up.
Cheers mate, I'll keep my eye out for a second hand carrier that looks to be a bit better than mine. Guess I oughtta take em both off and thoroughly treat them before they can get any worse then!