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Juddering and overheating

Hey all
New to cars here but not completely incompetent.
I was driving my 2001 X reg micra (1.0 with 50k miles) and suddenly i don’t get any power through the throttle, and it pulses occasionally and pushes but no power, until it suddenly starts juddering violently for about 3 seconds before it stops. I look at the fuel gauge assuming i’ve run low, and it’s fine, but the temp has shot to the max. I get home because luckily i’m about 200m away, stop and try to re start just to check the temp needle, but it won’t start. I open the bonnet and while careful it doesn’t piss all over me i notice the radiator caps loose and it’s completely empty of coolant, and is all over the place. I refilled it that evening to full.

I come back in the morning to see the coolant is at half full, (i left it at full the previous night but assumed it was just filling the radiator etc and that’s why it was down). I start the car and it’s completely fine, i check exhaust for smoke as a head gasket is the last thing i want, but no white smoke and no engine warning lights at all. I drive, and the temp needle is fine, until i’m about 20 minutes in, and it suddenly starts to judder and shake so i pull off the main road and check out the situation. This time there is no coolant whatsoever and i walk 100 yards to a halfords to get some, refill the tank and drive home.

Sitting here at 9:30 i decided to go check the levels and it’s dry as a bone, and i’m just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the situation. The only mods i have are a sportex backbox, and a cold air intake, which i was properly affixing in place the day it all started. There’s a little hose on the side of the intake that I don’t know what it does so if anyone knows that would be helpful, it appears to enter the engine body.

Thank you in advance for the help you lovely bunch of fellas.


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It must be leaking somewhere then! Get it warm and see where it is leaking from. Cardboard under the engine bay is a useful to spot where drips are coming from but loosing this amount will be more than a drip!