JAE 2014 Awards - Help!!

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random fire off the top of the head awards (written on paper award for the bestest being tortured toured)


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We should do biggest new comer would be good for new members maybe? Or like for those who done lots fast. We see people come who are new to it all and achieve a lot. Wonder if we will get the rally guys?
I dont want to sound harsh to anyone here or discredit their work... but I cant think of any unique cars popping up... the only 1 I can think of that's built but wont be going to JAE... Rear bike engined 4WD K11... Nifty car, impressive work. The others, again no discredit, are just another turbo K11 (its almost becoming common) or stanved for example. Unless someone did something silly stupid that made people stop and look twice, whether they like it or not, its not unique in my opinion

That being said "Most unique/technical car" would be a difficult one to vote for. Not everyone is technically minded and might not understand the achievement of the individual's car to appreciate the work gone into it. What's unique/technical? Something built along the same lines as another but with a different approach, a custom made part or a full on true one-off?

As for doing things the quickest etc. Whats to be judged?... I only properly started on the MSC in May this year, cracked 10,000 posts since then. Is it post count?
Whatever award we choose. Its got to be decidable at JAE... not everyone who will attend comes on the forum enough to know my post count from example
Its also got to be something we want the club to be known for. Like an award for non-micra wouldn't be a good one, people would join the MSC just to get an award for not owning a micra :p
Most helpful member would be another hard to vote for award to dish out.. again not everyon is going to use the forum to know. Everyone helps in their own way and has their own merits in what and how they help

What is "Best in Show"?.. Best car, Best member, best sense of humour. Most amount of noise and fire followed by being told to turn it off for being loud? To me its a combination of everything. If someone can make an impact on the stand with themselves and their car then that's best in show. Mik was well deserved last year, his "can you find the supercharger" game was brilliant had a lot of people stop and have alook, keeping a crowd around the stand

Just my 10 cents on the matter


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Every vote is subjective, just like peoples opinions on awards. We'll get the facts on a track day or drag strip :)
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