Donny 05 Pictures


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Hi, well thought that i'd post up some pics from this amazing weekend, even if i was only there on the saturday!

Stand in the Morning.



Chie & Laura (You two rock!!)


Kinda Starting to rain now



Ed's fine ST



Then driving back home racing (well losing!) Chie

Titch. :kungfu:

P.S - James, i'm sooooooooo sorry!!

(For those who don't know!)
When Rich Micra Twister came over for a bit, he was looking about the car and then said, so what exhaust have you got?
So since we were all kinda at the back of the car looking at the boot and stuff, i said wait a min and i'll rev it so you can hear it.
But stupidly i forgot that the engine had been on for about 10mins to keep batteries going, and all the #### of the day was gathered in my exhaust.
Yes, as you can see in the picture thats poor James legs cover in gunk from my car that shot out when i revved it up. Soooooooo sorry man! Had to hug him and everything, but was just classic!
Danni got a little bit to, but nout compared to James!


:D :D :D!!!

LMFAO hahahaha :D :D :D

Excellent pics!! that ST looks fantastic Ed, glad you got it there ok.. did you have any problems with it!? - any comments on the paintwork etc etc..

Nice looking K11's too!


Micra K11ng
Paintwork was looking great, and as far as i kno he had no trouble! 130mph, not bad from a 1ltr!

micra man

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Yeah was very kool!!! Good to see old faces again and meet a few new ones. As always it was a good laugh, especially since I was in the same hotel as Wayne lol. Lol at James, was quite funny was that. :D ST looks pretty kool, come along way to what it was when you first go it!!! Some very, very nice cars again and it gave me so many ideas!!! :D Great show, and good fun again. :D Can't wait til next year though. :D Gutted that the battery in my camera was flat even before I could take one picture :( but overall it was a great weekend. :D


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Richmicratwista came along to show support n say ello.. nice to meet ya rich!

i dont wana kno what titch and chie are doing!!


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aye was good to get awayt for the weekend as a bit of stress releif and finally bput some ideas to rest! and complete ideas for what i want to do!!
decided the car is gonan be done properly and doesnt matter time scale.
im gonan sort the super S out and drive that for a bit. and complete the WHOLE interior exterioir in one go :)

and the fully respray it completely throughout!!

good to see ED you made it :S even if it was late on the first day. actually on both days :p

but good to see it there!

loving the extra horsepower yoiu have added like. another 50bhp on top of standard is amazing. all by the one little thing aswell!!


good to see some old faces aswell!!
mike, kev, james, (both of yas) dave nice to meet you too. and always a pleasure Ed;)

definatly good to see it come out ok in the end aftter it looking bleek to start!

definatly up for the motor being there next year :)
definatly up for it being complete aswell :)


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yeah tis good to go to for lookin into new ideas etc, got a few ideas for mine and how i want it to look like for donny next year :)


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Some more pics of the Show.

Thats the some of the pics i got, was a good day!
Titch :kungfu:

James did you go up in the camper, or hitch a lift with someone else!?

the picture of Ed made me chuckle


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did anyone get a picture of the red 306 (house of kolor?) that was inside near to jag corsa?


hi you forgot one thing about the weekend. it was also trying to snow.
also the hyundia coupe club are upset as you got a better stand then them. plus the fact that see what people have done to there micra's i didn't shut up what i could do to mine. talking to one of the super S owners (sorry terrible with names and forgotten already) about a better induction kit but unforgently it's no good for me as it would mine remove my truck horns which run parrell with the radiator. is there any chance i can get my car on you stand next year. and what would i need to do to it.

great weekend for what i can remeber ( it's great not to drive for once)

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To get on the stand you would need to be an official member (which you already are) and have a show worthy car and it should be ok depending on places. :)