converting manual wing mirror to electric mirrors

hi , as above is this possible . is the wiring harness already there just needing to hook up ,

I have seen 2 electric wing mirrors and and control switch on e bay .

I know some car manufactuers have all the wiring there , just don't know if Nissan do .

its a micra k12

Although not always, Nissan do tend to have the same looms across the spec ranges...

I had a K10 LS (no O/S door/wing mirror) but the gaps/holes were there for me to fit adjustable pair of mirrors from a higher spec

alot of peeps with K11's swap their standard parcel shelves for one with the speakers...and the wires are hidden happily behind that rear trim ^_^

just a couple of weeks ago Ryanthelion22 swapped out the standard mirror trim (interior) on his K12 for one (like mine) with the tweeters (little speakers) the loom for that was present too

I'd assume you'd have the gap/removable/blank panel to fit the switch into?... above and to the right of the fuse panel (RHD/UK/jpn/Aus model)

I'm sure it should be do-able ^_^