Body kit for k10

I have just purchased my very first k10 micra , bog standard model with 42,000 on clock , mint little car . I am just started to pimp the little thing up a bit and i am wanting to know what to do to it and where to get the bits from . Please can someone inform me of what to do , thankyou


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Super S kits look quite nice. Bit boxy. Depends what you're looking for.
Also, there's the Foah kit, but they`re pretty rare!

Not a lot of kits for the K10 these days mate!


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They're suppost to be getting repaired and painted so i can get them on my car. Unfortunately a new tax disk robbed all my money so i've had to put it on the back burner for a while. Just my typical luck, or lack of it :glare:
k10 micra bodykits

hey do u have any k10 body kits for sale im easily willing to buy and need a body kit for my car ,please can u get back to me soon thanks