ABS warning light on after replacing front discs and pads

2 days before the MOT, I replaced the front discs and pads and when driving along the road the ABS light comes on and stayed on. I pulled off the battery negative lead and left the car for an hour and then went for a drive and the light went off and so far hasn't come back on. I wonder what caused this. Unless the k13 has a service mode and I need to use a scanner to enter service mode when changing pads.

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Nope - no service lights for pads and no scan tool needed.

You may have knocked or have an iffy ABS sensor, or even a bit of muck from the change fell onto the ABS ring.

Only other time I have had the ABS light come on was when my car was on a rolling road, or in my youth in a Primera playing with the handbrake on a car park in the snow! It soon self cleared