2010 White Micra - very dull and matt paint!

I just bought a 2010 White Micra and after washing all the black spots off (possibly artillery fungus - total nightmare), clay barring etc. I noticed the paint is super dull, like flat white and this isn't deliberate (inside doors is shiny). I suspected it was just oxidation from UV so went over the whole car with a cheap Toolstation sponge pad on my random orbital sander at full speed with G3 Pro colour restore compound from Halfords, followed by G3 superwax. Results are pretty poor, still very dull paintwork.

Have other people had this experience? Any advice? I also learned a valuable lesson as the G3 was a nightmare to get out rubber trim, used back to blank in the end. Thanks!
Sometimes a road tar and film remover can work.
Also a citrus based wash might help depending on the condition of the paintwork.tree sap, lichens, and other items such as tar sticks and is tough to remove.
I've not worked with white paintwork before but imagine it has similarities to black that can be a tough job to get looking tip top.
With the polishing machine you could try many different combinations or methods.
The best thing is to work just one panel find the method that give the best result.
A medium to light compound should be fine on a 2010 micra.
All I have used so far is a colour enhancer a few times and it makes a big difference with silver paint.
Its water based and I don't get much sling or unwanted product left behind.
Also I do not use machine polish but the results can be huge vs manual.
Would like to see a before and after.
A random orbital sander at high speed might cause you more problems depending on your method and how often you clear the pad.
A good way to test the paint is to put a plastic bag over hand and run over the paintwork you will find if anything is stuck in or on the paintwork.
You will definitely notice more that way than you can see.
Clay baring might be good idea but take care as lots claim this leaves lots of micro scratches that should be polished out afterwards.
"Quick light passes, tomorrow is another day you can always do an extra light pass but anything heavy cannot be replaced" 👍
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Thanks for the comments, so far I've been able to get all of the black/brown spots off it by clay barring and using G3 Colour Pro restore on my 450w random orbital sander and cheap soft pads (definitely too soft). Photos below are not great but I think the first one shows quite well just how dull it is!

Someone suggested Scholl S20 black as a good starting point but wasn't sure if this was aggressive enough for my needs!