I have a professionally pimped K12. This car need`s to be appreciated by somebody who want`s to drive it around. It was given to my boy`s by their Gran 4 years ago and they have both enjoyed the car, however as they are at University now the car is not used. I modified the car for their 18th birthday. I actually own a large garage and modifying car`s is what I do for a living so this has been done properly. The full body kit was imported from Germany so it fit`s to the original fixings, it`s lowered, has an exhaust mod, tinted windows, side graphics, 16 inch alloy`s, 1000 watt sub, pop-up DVD,CD, bluetooth head unit, Lexus rear light`s, also we still have all the part`s to change it back to a normal Micra, full service history and the timing chain has been replaced. The coversion cost about £3000.00 so everything has been done nice. If someone fancy`s making an offer around £2900.00 you could be driving this car.