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    Audew Air Horn - fuse keeps blowing!

    K11 horns are already wired through a relay, on my rally car I just took the live feed from the OEM horn and attached it to the positive on the compressor, added an earth and it works a treat.
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    Quaife Diff may be available for micra gearbox soon...

    You could try something like this, you would need to know diff pin dimensions and find a similar diff as I doubt they sell a kit for the Micra.
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    Engine flush?

    The rally cars get flushed with cheap new oil till it runs clean out of the sump, usually between 0.5-1ltr of oil each time. Helps clean things out
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    5w-40 oil ok?

    Been using fully synth 5w-40 for years now in the Micra rally car and it's fine.
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    Best base for road rally/targa

    Not much to choose between them all and PAS can be retro fitted. Fastest enough to win outright yesterday...
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Where do you run your 3D printer? The fumes from those are not good....
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    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    Flocked dash is the way forward....
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    The joys of owning a Micra, I was doing the usual pre event car spanner checks when I found yet more rust in one of the rear wheel arches on Saturday, meaning a couple of hours of metal work and welding.... :(
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    K11 driveshafts and LSD

    Yes it does, as for the best diff I prefer the quaife/suretrac Torsen type ones which are fit and forget (in terms of maintenance) and less harsh to drive with and less harsh on shafts / CV joints. If doing a lot of gravel then plated will be better but at cost of maintenance and shafts / CV's.
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    Custom Inlet Manifold

    This has just appeared on ebay....
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    Next Steps Please!?

    I am trying an even lighter battery option in the ZR at the moment, one of these which is even lighter and cheap. If it works on the ZR I will fit one to the Micra as well...
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    Next Steps Please!?

    If you haven't make time to read Paul's blog, the whole lot is worth a read. I learnt a lot of Micra advice from it. Plus of course remove as much weight as you can.....
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    Next Steps Please!?

    The head came from Matt Humphris in a package of parts I bought from him, I don't think he did the head work but had it done by someone else. The 1Ltr box is a good improvement with the 4.4 diff, the 4.92 is another big step up again (plus it is semi-helical so sounds ace). The flywheel I...
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    Next Steps Please!?

    Read my blog (car specs) to see what we run, engine made 126bhp when mapped by Fusion Motorsport. That was old engine which was standard used bottom end, so new/current engine should be about 130bhp. Running the 4.92 final drive makes a real difference and worth it.
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Great to see you back posting your work on here Paul :cool: