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    Manual gearstick 'slop'

    If it is only side to side then I'd expect it to be one of the bushes as one cable handles side to side and the other handles back and forth. If its at the gearbox end that shouldn't be too bad to find as its the same gearbox as the k12 and many other nissan/renault cars (JH3 gearbox), however...
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    Lower front arms

    I did mine myself, its 3 bolts to remove however it takes quite some wrestling to get the new ones in the car. It helped that we have a car lift at home, and that I was doing the clutch at the same time, meant I didn't have to worry about the driveshafts popping out the gearbox. If yours are...
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    No power when engine cold

    Hi, I think the only air line attached to the air intake is the PCV vent, which I fitted a catch can to a few months before fitting the intake and haven't had any problems before now. I'll see how it goes in the coming weeks, thanks for your help
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    No power when engine cold

    Hi, I probably should've explained a little better. It's a 2011 1.2 no supercharger (hr12de) 5 speed manual. There's no dash lights or error codes on the ecu, and the battery is only 6 months old. I'm starting to think its fuel related as it started when I used BP fuel for the first time and...
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    No power when engine cold

    Hi All, Recently I've noticed my car seems to have very limited power when the engine is cold. If I'm below 2000-2500RPM and I put my foot to the floor the car just holds speed, I have to drop it a gear or two to actually accelerate, but this only happens in the first 10 minutes ish of driving...
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    Radio removal ANYONE

    Hi there, I'm not 100% sure on the facelifts, but I know my 2011 Tekna is pretty simple. All you have to do is open the top glovebox (the one that opens upwards) and this exposes one edge of the radio surround. Simply get a pry tool or carefully use a screwdriver to pop the clip on the passenger...
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    Fuel gauge precision

    Hi, I had the same concern when I bought mine - turns out there's effectively 8 bars of fuel on the screen, it will drop in chunks when enough fuel is used Hope this helps [emoji108] Sent from my EML-L09 using Micra Sports Club mobile app