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    K11 (year 2000) quick headlight question

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question. Does anyone know roughly how much a driver's side headlight costs for a pre May 2000 K11 ? Thanks everyone in advance.
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    Winscreen wiper on driver's side broken - help !!

    Hi everyone, My fiance's K11's windscreen wiper no longer works on the driver's side only (it doesn't move at all and I can move the wiper by hand without any resistance at all).. Does anyone know how to access the windscreen wiper mechanism and what bits may need to be replaced...
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    K11 water leak

    Hi everyone, I have just had a look at my fiance's micra :k11yellow and have noticed that the driver's side floor is soaking wet (especially in the back).:k11motors I have had a quick look at the following for leaks:- - Sunroof - Front windscreen (could not see anything obvious...