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    Chavs do not like my car...

    steve get his address and give me a ring grr
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    Dump valve questions...

    hi steve it did used to work very well i tested the system and there was no pressure drop until you let off the gas.. it was an expensive bov cost me £165 but if its playing up maybe its best to get a new 1 mate (Y) p.s hope the cars still going well mate
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    Imp124's ST on the dyno :S

    why is that so hard to believe its only allmost 30bhp over standard .. when i had it... it produced 158hp on a run. it does have a quite a few upgrades over a standard car(Y)
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    Few pics

    steve i want it back well done looks great bud(Y)(Y)(Y)
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    New wheels

    nice set of retro rays you have there my mate a hard fine these days .... are they magnessium? i love these ao48s look the dogs got them on my toyota mate
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    I will just leave you all with this...

    a pipes fell off garantee mate
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    I will just leave you all with this...

    as i have said to you mate really well done on all the work you have done now ENJOY IT bud
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    I will just leave you all with this...

    you can roll with me any time steve
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    im sure its the same as a figaro 1 frank as bloke on ebay was selling 1 but advertised it as fitting the st aswell. hope this helps mate john
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    Smoking problem

    easy way to tell is to run it and the remove the oil filler cap if you hear a puff of air you know its that. john
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    Engine not starting

    nissan silvia s12 coils are the same 1.8 turbo (ebay):grinning:
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    wanted part!!

    alright lads the ufo controls and holds the boost pressure between s/c and turbo basically. you can fix it by putting in the oven for 10 mins on 100 degree's basically it fills with oil and blocks the diapham inside and then you get fluctating boost. just make sure its upside down in the oven...
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    St compatible parts

    im here steve had every single pipe off and back on again for new silicone mate if ya need me shout i also have a laminated schematic that the lads posted up of all the vacuum system if ya get stuck which i will give ya sunday
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    St compatible parts

    my gauge allways sat at halfway never above that maybe it was inaccurate mate... so maybe 3/4 is more like 4/4 max
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    St compatible parts

    well only going off dyno run at local dyno to me .. showed 158bhp at the flywheel running 1.3 bar not gonna argue the fact. not really bothered it just a number but it was the number on the print out.