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    Black Roof? Opinions

    Im thining rising son on the roof of mine, £100 is a good price for bonnet and roof
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    My K11 (Loads of pics)

    Great work, love em both but your making me want another civic. I used to own a 1.616v was a great car
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    My K11 (Loads of pics)

    Nice car mate, also liking what i can see of the civic
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    Black Roof? Opinions

    My roofs losing its laquer so im pondering heading down the black/white or wrap look for the roof
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    Do anyone know the laws off spray tinting your headlights

    Those arches are sweet, i want some
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    Do anyone know the laws off spray tinting your headlights

    Ive just used film on mine bought from ebay for £3.50 and doesnt look bad at all. If pulled over by the babylon its easily removed and replaced with new at a later date ;)
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    Nissan Micra estate (March box)

    Id love an estate, would look ace slammed
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    I now have yellow headlamps
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    The best engine cleaner?

    Diesel and a pressure washer is what i use
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    F/S Adjustable Panhard Rod

    Love it, i will be placing an order over the next few weeks
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    my micra im getting from a friend

    Another silver beast :cool:
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    Cone air filter on my micra is it a good idea????

    Ive drilled the airbox on mine lol
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    Project Kanjo..........

    Thanks. All halfords and done on the drive fellas, not a bad diy job to be honest but took some time rubbing down as somebody had hand painted the black pieces on the bumpers.