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    Info Show us your Cabriolets!

    Having owned her for only one week she's now had a full wash and brush up new MOT, service and purrs like a kitten. She's only done 29,000 miles and are looking forward to many trips in the sunshine. She has a vinyl roof and every other one I've seen has a mohair type roof, does anybody know if...
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    March Cabriolet boot sticker

    Hi ,did you manage to get any decals made, mine has a 90% ok one which I'd like to replace. Happy to provide dimensions if you still need them, cheers David.
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    Cabriolet rear lights

    Thanks for your reply
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    Cabriolet rear lights

    Brilliant why didn't I think of that thanks very much appreciate your response cheers David
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    Cabriolet rear lights

    Hi, have just bought a 1997 Cabriolet which has adapted rear lights to include a fog light provision eg red tape over the offside reversing light and a rocker switch on the dash. Looks ok but does it have the same rear lights as the hatchback and therefor can I just fit a set of new uk ones...