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    LED daylight

    Well spotted. A little expensive though don't you think?
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    Techtalk/Guide: HR12DDR - DIG-S

    ... think I said HARD revving! Interesting formula may be relevant to steam engines and some turbines where power is in near linear relation to rpm but when considering forced induction internal combustion engines....well think about it. PS Fiat engine still has a cam for the exhaust valves.
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    Nissan Connect

    Does anyone know if there are firmware updates for nissan connect head unit. I don't mean map updates. Reason I'm asking - bluetooth + usb connection: whilst most phones work there can be issues with the latest smartphones. Usually fixed with updates to phone. Also anyone fond any problem...
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    LED indicator bulbs

    Notice all 6 indicator bulbs on K13, Front Back and Sides, are the painted bulb type not tinted reflector. From experience after 3 to 4 years the amber colour starts to peel off which can be MOT failure as bulbs would supposedly flash white light. Thinking at some point I might replace with...
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    speed limiter in dig-s

    Speed limiter from what u say can't be an issue if its as high as u say, limit for cruise control to be set at is much much lower than that. I would not go for a re-map unless you have a friend with access to equipment, from what I heard most places that do the mapping only seem good for cars...
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    Techtalk/Guide: HR12DDR - DIG-S

    For what its worth the dig-s engine is not a true miller cycle engine. The original miller cycle engine design from 70 years ago used an unusual double cranking mechanism to allow the piston to take a shorter compression stroke than expansion stroke. Unfortunately the crank arrangement...
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    Techtalk/Guide: HR12DDR - DIG-S

    Don't you have to pay to read the sae paper? Sent from BlackBerry 9790 using Tapatalk
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    Speed bumps

    That's just a dashboard squeek, sounds like an easy place to daignose/fix. Could be caused by use of dashboard shine or spilt coffee? Some squeeks are hard to fix like back of dash where meets a pillars but where you say seems easier to deal with. What we have noticed is from suspension or most...
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    Techtalk/Guide: HR12DDR - DIG-S Seems related? Sent from BlackBerry 9790 using Tapatalk
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    Speed bumps

    Noises have stopped completely about a week ago? Must be the warmer weather. Sent from BlackBerry 9790 using Tapatalk
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    Nissan Micra/March K13 CVT Memory Reset & Re-calibration

    No, the engine may seem to run a little laboured at low revs and low throttle opening due to the high gearing but a touch more gas and the revs will rise, a touch more again and the gearbox will kick down if not in the low ratio already. Unique for a CVT the Nissan XTRONIC gearbox is actually 2...
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    Nissan Micra/March K13 CVT Memory Reset & Re-calibration

    I'd say I bought the car to a large degree because I liked gearbox. The DSG in skoda VW seat is probably a bit better but many small cars have power and fuel sapping autos which are so much inferior Sent from BlackBerry 9790 using Tapatalk
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    reposition usb socket

    I think you would get more than 500ma if you connect something that does not use data but then as it seems its powered from the head unit if you pull too many amps might blow fuse in head unit. I've put a cigar lighter in the place where the usb went but not connected. Adrian?? pointer to fuse...
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    reposition usb socket

    No, Nissan garage told me the cigar lighter uses the same wiring as the usb thatw why you get one or the other, although that does not seem to make sense to me, cigaar lighter ran from radio???, What ever I saw no wiring for a cigar lighter. You need to run wire from fuse box in car. Nog even...
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    Fuse boxes on K13 Micra/March

    Let's face it boys, a new Nissan Micra in Thailand is a like your grandads Ford Cortina mkII 1600E was back in the 60's. First decent car many people could afford and a car people get excited about. Like people had been driving around in punishment wagons that I don't know the names of - except...