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    engine performance

    if you can weld, you can make a whole turbo kit for like 300. but that excludes any ecu modification. turboing a micra can be expensive, do a turbo kit but theirs in expensive
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    Cams & intakes

    ahhh ok. thank you :)
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    Cams & intakes

    just the size of the inlet. I'm gonna try and make a custom intake because I can't find an affordable one online atm. are u sure? is there no difference in exhaust cams?
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    Cams & intakes

    ok so ive got a couple of questions: 1. what size is the inlet on the throttle for the micra. im thinking of making my own but i dont know the size. 2. are the cams for the dizzy different from the ones for the coilpack. i can only find performance cams referencing "1.3" but im looking to get a...
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    Possible ECU Changes?

    ok so. i want to mess around with my micra's ecu program but i need some help... am i able to do it on the stock ecu? if not then which ecu option should i choose? speeduino? DET3? nistune board? thanks
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    First car. coil or dizzy?

    hey so, I've been wanting a micra for a first car for a while because they're pretty cheap on insurance and cheap in general. I do however want to add power in the future and I was just wondering which engine would be better in the long run, coilpack or dizzy?
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    Does the K11 use OBD OR OBD2

    It's a Nissan specific connector. I forgot the name of it. It was used on lots of 90s and early 2000s Nissan's instead of the obd standard
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    K11 E10 fuel capable?

    what is e10? isn't the ethanol content as a percentage?
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    Aftermarket ECUs?

    I was wondering if a Megasquirt 2 ecu would work in a 97 Micra? (distributor). Even though Nistune piggyback boards might be cheaper. I might save up for a megasquirt 2 because of the very wide tuning possibilities with it compared to a piggyback board like the nistune type 4. I might be wrong...
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    K11 micra engine types

    Mines a 97 post facelift 1.3gx 5 door. s reg im probably gonna get a 1.0 cos of insurance. but thanks
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    K11 micra engine types

    I'd just like some info on the k11 micra engines. I'm looking for a coilpack k11 maybe as a first (drivable) car but idk what year the coilpack came in. I currently have a 97 k11 but I'm scrapping because it has too much work needed for it to pass it's mot. Thanks
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    K11 Wheel Bolt Pattern?

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    K11 Wheel Bolt Pattern?

    Ive been told the lug pattern is 4x100 but im not sure because i want to get some new wheels for a micra i might be buying.
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    Whats a good turbo to get?

    i was thinking of this: but i dont know if its suitable for the cg13?
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    Whats a good turbo to get?

    i have a bone stock cg13-de micra that i'd like to turbo. Keeping in mind, i don't want to build the engine. I was wondering if there was any turbo that could be used on stock internals without blowing up the engine.