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    Key fob not opening and closing the doors

    I resolved my locking issue today. It may work for you..... My thread link below
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    K12 - Micra SVE Remote Lock Hi

    Managed to solve the issue......I found when starting the car and doors closed that the dashboard was showing the door open (red icon).........while the car was running I tested all door switches (one by one when opening each door) and pushed the switch and checked that the interior light turned...
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    K12 - Micra SVE Remote Lock Hi

    Dear Members, Would like to request for assistance please. I have a 2003 Nissan Micra SVE (K12) with keyless start. The problem I am having is that the car does not lock with the fob, however I am able to lock the car using the button inside the cabin. The unlock function on the fob works...