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    Does 1994 k11 pre-facelift have cabin filter?

    I have a 94 slx with no cabin air filter, have you eye balled to check the air vent control cable is still connected to the box/assembly, it could have come off or been disconnected
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    New on this

    Only part I know is you need an engineers report to pass the car for insurance purposes , good to be fully legal though. Look through the forum, it has a lot of excellent information and advice
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    Power washer or tooth brush and t-cut if you want to do it by hand
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    Brakes re-lined

    The ‘94 slx is holding out well so I am thinking about getting the brake lines re-done professionally (I did them all 6 years ago, definitely not pretty) has anyone got an idea of a reasonable price or got theirs done? The Northern Ireland MOT fiasco is going to implode soon, cars untested for...
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Put in my second tank of fuel since 17th march😶😶😶😶
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    New Member introduction

    52 as well, can’t let my ‘94 1.3slx go. 210 of the particular model left on the road. £164 this year for insurance. As long as the back of the sills are good that is one hell of a gem you got there!
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    Key fob programming

    The rubber on the little buttons inside on the circuit board can wear away making it seem the fob is broke. i have replaced the button contacts twice in 6 years on the wife’s Almera Key fobs. About £6 a set on amazon but some are better than others,, the buttons and the key fob casing if you...
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    Won't start. Anything else I can do before I scrap it?

    The daughter in law had the same issue on Tuesday, although it is a zafira it might be similar,, the AA came out as it would crank but not start, after going on the computer the immobiliser circuit was live.. the battery in the chuffin key had died and the car started on the first try with the...
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    Micra manual strange sound

    Sounds like the symptoms of a new clutch, pressure plate and the old original thrust bearing which would be crass stupidity not to replace when the box is off! You could put the front up on axle stands and get a buddy to press the clutch on and off in gear with a metal bar to your ear and...
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    Boiling overflow bottle

    I have been off the road since 19th March with a broken foot, left her running maybe 5 or 10 minutes and this happened for the first time ever,,,,,, went to check the fan belt was ok after typing that,,, the chuffing fan connector had come off😒😒
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    Micra 1.3 slx 466 left

    Someone has returned to work! Howmanyleft has posted the last quarter at last, under 500 1.3 slx’s left, now a limited edition! On a side note, I insured my Kwak er500 for a whole penny!
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Have been doing the essential journeys thing, prescriptions and shopping,, no more than 2 miles and not over 30mph For the last 4 weeks. So on Wednesday she couldn’t start🙁 I gave her a charge and took a spin 4 miles up the motorway, 50 felt like Wow! 70 felt like Star Wars!! It was good to get...
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    Still stuck but just wondering.

    Would explain a lot about your gear problem
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    Still stuck but just wondering.

    Can you rock or move the engine? A mount might have failed catastrophically
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Got my 4th possibly 5th back box in the 8+ years I have had the slx, changed the center pipe too even though it was done in 2017, there were no original center pipes with the resonator available in belfast😶 bad sign, I was asking about a better quality system but it seems a custom built...