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    Lower front arms

    Thanks for that shame cant remember what they did. I've currently sourced bushes from Japan pivot ball ones .hope these do the trick Sent from my SM-N950F using Micra Sports Club mobile app
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    Lower front arms

    Hi Steve. Its the bushes and ball joint. I already have eibach springs on it but last set of arms I had lasted 7500 mile then had to change. I have since found out from nissan that I can change the bushes. I've managed to source some pillowjoint bushes from Japan. I hope these will stop my...
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    Lower front arms

    Has any k13 owners had problems with their lower front arms . I currently have to replace mine once a year Sent from my SM-N950F using Micra Sports Club mobile app
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    Has anyone fitted coilovers to a k13 need info on the matter Sent from my SM-N950F using Micra Sports Club mobile app
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    Do you still have your k13 dig-s. I have a nodded one as well. Is there a cold air intakenthay...

    Do you still have your k13 dig-s. I have a nodded one as well. Is there a cold air intakenthay can be fitted as I've been advised I can't do it
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    Bumber Lips & Side Skirts

    Hi I maybe able to help. If you the make of parts you want and part numbers then I have a contact in Japan that will help Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    17" alloys for sale

    I have a set of 5 17" Matt black alloys 4 of of them wrapped with Falken tyres for sale. They have come off my k13. No longer needed . Tyres are in good condition . 3 of the alloys have scuffs on them . But can be repaired. I don't know of they fit earlier micras. Quick sale £250 Email me ...
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    Sat nav Nissan Nissan connect

    Hi its something I've looked into. And you buy all the leads you need to hook up for stereo and steering wheel controls. It's not cheap but can be done Sent from my SM-N920G using Tapatalk
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    Idle speed

    Should idle around 800rpm. I do have the supercharged engine . With a stage 1 remap Sent from my SM-N920G using Tapatalk
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    Idle speed

    Hi there the pollen filter is located behind the dash access is on passenger side foot well. It's a pain to get to and make sure the filter goes back the same way Sent from my SM-N920G using Tapatalk
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    Does anyone know.any good websites where I can purchase performance parts from Japan. Websites in Japan. Would be.great. Thanks Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    K13 dig-s

    I'm selling a couple of mods from my dig-s if anyone interested. 1st item ... A pedal box throttle response,3 settings or custom settings. Connects just above throttle pedal. 2nd item. .. chip from.Germany. 16 settings. Remote control.on/off plug n play. Connects in 2 places on the...
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    Max's 2013 Tekna DIG-S

    Johnh pm me . discs are drilled and grooved by nitrac. Was done special. Cost 200 for a pair. With my chip at half setting I'm now running 118bhp 21 over standard. But that includes k&k&n filter and custom s/steel exhaust
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    Blitz r-vit i-color

    It doesn't recognize the engine on my dig-s. According to blitz works on k12 and 11
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    Read fault codes Micra Dig-s

    Yes its located on the left side of the engine under the air box at the back of the engine. On the front is the exhaust solenoid. A new solenoid cost me 600 which apparently can.only get from nissan