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    Throttlebodies - What is different on the facelifts to the pre-facelifts?

    Dizzy, found one on Aliexpress that looks suitable, working on trying to remove the wax stat on my current TB thanks to a stripped screw it's become a bit of a pain with my limited tools.
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    Throttlebodies - What is different on the facelifts to the pre-facelifts?

    Thanks makes sense now when on eBay how some looks a bit weird, was thinking they where early K12 ones!. Out of third party TB's is their any known to be avoided?
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    Throttlebodies - What is different on the facelifts to the pre-facelifts?

    Anyway to visually distinguish them? want to be certain I am ordering a pre-facelift distributor type TB unit.
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    Throttlebodies - What is different on the facelifts to the pre-facelifts?

    Since it looks increasingly like I need a new TB, what are the differences between a FL and a pre-FL throttlebody? as far as I understand their is some differences that mean non compatbility and I would like to avoid that when taking a punt on eBay.
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    Quality throttlebody for a 1994 Pre-facelift N-CVT

    Hey all. I have been chasing ICV issues with my current eBay throttle body for the past few months and decided to call it a day and order a new unit. Has anyone got any links to actual quality units, something built in Japan like a Mikuni unit would be great, although please note I need the...
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    Idle control valve O-Ring?

    Curious if anyone knows if the o-ring on a CG10DE distributor throttlebody (1994 Pre-FaceLift) should be present, and if anyone has the exact size to hand?
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    Actually decent, new and quality throttlebodies for a N-CVT CG10DE 1994 PreFL K11?

    As per the title. Looking for a new unit, the one I have is from eBay with the very finest chinese sensors that I am sure it the cause of the intermittent high idle, and on/off engine braking problem I am having. Does anyone make something that is not worth more then the car, but does work...
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    Cup holders in a preface lift

    Vent ones just break the slats (ask me how I know) the door ones are the best option and cheap on eBay.
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    K11 pre-facelift windscreen washer bottle filler neck

    Mine has been shattered at the top most point for the entire three years I have owned it, holds easily 4.5litres regardless.
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    Endlessly searching for the new types of pie.

    Endlessly searching for the new types of pie.
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    Article on micras.

    Nope, if anything the engine braking is reduced all together over how it was, the box in mine is really nice, has a grind noise occasionally but kicks down super smooth, it has the fluid changed by a group in Rochdale that focussed on autoboxes and CVT's had it done twice in my ownership (since...
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    Article on micras.

    Replaced the O2 Oil was changed 1,000 miles ago 15w40 if I recall, was verified correct and I trust the chap who did the service ( I was present ) I tend to drop it into N when coming to a halt due to the jumping idle it's not easy on the gearbox otherwise, the idle will hop 3-4 times then...
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    Article on micras.

    I am so close to giving up on mine, but holding on for dear life. Got a OBD1 Consult on it's way hopefully arriving this week, and getting DataScan I setup on a laptop to try and pull codes or even live data to figure out WTAF is going on. It drives and runs fine, but coming to a halt from...
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    Throttle cable relocation?

    On that note *forgive me op* can you drive with the extra connector on the TB removed for diagnostic purposes?
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    K11 CVT Hunting Idle coming to a halt

    That is on the throttlebody right? I just got a refurb with new sensors! I may use the old units sensor then.