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  1. r-reg-sr
    r-reg-sr davyboy
    hi davyboy mate. where you hiding ?
  2. tasso
    tasso Baz
    Hello! Can you sent me a wiring diagrams k10 to email please : Best regards.
  3. Stock-K10
    Seeking original parts
    1. L33jackson
      I got a set of aftermarket oe pads. Brand new
      Feb 12, 2018
  4. Gng4T9R
    I drive class 2 lorries when I'm at work, and nuggety little cars when I'm not.
  5. lexMeth
    lexMeth frank
    1. frank
      you could try it on your blue distributor wire mate
      Feb 7, 2018
    2. lexMeth
      thanks frank, will check it out as soon as i can
      Feb 14, 2018
  6. modded syndicate garage
    modded syndicate garage
    supercharged k11 micra build thread to come
  7. lejaybo
    lejaybo angi

    Do have the part number of your 5spd box?
  8. daily_ricer
    front sway bar
  9. bartolomeus
    bartolomeus frank
    Hi Frank. I had 1.0 Micra auto. I put instead a 1.3 engine with manual gearbox. I kept the original 1.0 auto engine wiring and the car doesnt start with the 1.3 ECU but it does start with the original automatic 1.0 ECU.
    Should I change the entire engine wiring and put the 1.3 engine wiring?
    The car doesn't seem to run OK with 1.0 auto ECU and 1.3 engine
    1. frank
      there are a few nats threads on here mate
      Jan 25, 2018
    2. bartolomeus
      I swear I've searched 1 hour in threads and didn't find the info I need. Perhaps I cannot see the forest because of the trees :(
      Jan 25, 2018
  10. Moh123
    Moh123 pleh
    hello jason do you have a contact number so i can call you i have a power steering fault
  11. RHarry
    I have same problem after replacing battery but I don’t have serial numbers the other posts quote. Please explain where I can get them? TY
  12. Mark745avit
    Mark745avit frank
    Hi mate looking for k11 1ltr with 1.3 crank con rod
  13. A FRANK
    anyone selling there super s?
    1. L33jackson
      You'll be lucky. Id love an SR or an Si
      Feb 12, 2018
  14. Ayrton Hockaday
    Ayrton Hockaday
    Micra rally project... Still on the go...
  15. Micra-TNK
    Main headlight connection looks as though it’s melted. What could be the cause and how can I prevent it from happening again? Thanks.
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    2. Ihtisham Rauf
      Ihtisham Rauf
      Hmm not sure to be honest mate, maybe bad quality bulbs that are getting hotter than they should. They obviously are providing more resistance than what the wires can handle. AIthough that said, I use 100W 7500K bulbs as well and have had no problems with the headlights melting. I can send you link for the bulbs I use or other advice is to get a HID kit which prevents these sorts of problems occuring
      Jan 22, 2018
    3. Micra-TNK
      Yeah I was thinking of a hid kit, any recommendations?
      Jan 25, 2018
    4. Ihtisham Rauf
      Ihtisham Rauf
      Sorry mate I don't use a HID kit and so don't know which one to recommend :/
      Jan 26, 2018
  16. Josh11
    Im wondering how to remove the door handles from my 2 door k11 micra so i can paint them any one know how to do so? Thanks
  17. Patrick Daley
    Patrick Daley
    Hi I've re-vamp my 2001 K11 and it's turning heads now
    Hello Jason. I’ve had no less than 4 DCI’s from new. All fitted ( by me!)with a Tunit. Transforms the motor . Renault did it all the time, but not in Nissans . Good luck Ian.
  19. t8769
    t8769 Khalid Rasheed
    Did you find a K12 manual?

  20. Josh11
    Looking for preformance upgrades for my 1L k11 any suggestions?
  21. kani
    kani Baz
    bro can i get wiring diagram for the k10 ST?
  22. Ozz
    Ozz Guy
    Hi guy. Hope your are well. The radio code on my micra 2005 is not working I wonder if you can help me please.


    These are some of the codes at the back of the radio. Not sure what you may been if you can help.

    Hopefully you can help!!

  23. Lewis R
    Lewis R
    Where is the obd port in k11
  24. Rod 1600
    Rod 1600
    Hello I'm new to this site and in need of some help locating two tie rods for my nissan micra k11 2002 s.
  25. bartolomeus
    bartolomeus frank
    Hi Frank, I have put a 1.0 before 2000 K11 gearbox into my 1.3 engine, I also put 1.0 flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, gearbox linkage. The clutch was very good. I am experiencing clutch slip. Is it because of the more power of the 1.3 engine ?
    1. frank
      it should,nt be slipping mate, there must be a problem somewhere
      Dec 2, 2017
  26. SithDowell
    Let's exchange experiences of Micra and yourcra.
  27. usman
    hi can some one help me please I lost my radio code for nissan micra 2009 serial number is pp3000mb 0009662 how to get code
  28. Jac10
    For sale K11
  29. MaxK11C
  30. March Guy
    March Guy huttojb
    Hey, doing a project
    I want to know if i can use a K12 eps setup to install it onto a K10
    i noticed that the module got 2 heavy gauge wires and 3 light gauge wires
    So i want to know if i can make it work on the K10
    1. huttojb
      Short answer, yes. I have installed the K12 on my Kitcar. Drop me a pm.
      Nov 24, 2017
  31. AndiV
    AndiV Qpel
    Hello, i pmd you for the monte carlo kit
  32. Blondell
    Blondell iяshaad яider®
    Do you still have these wheels? if yes what is the size? r you selling?
  33. Peter-MICRA-K11-POLAND
    Peter-MICRA-K11-POLAND Steve green
    Dear Steve would you find some time and share some points how to get to 150hp from Micra engine, thank you for help in advance. Kind Regards Peter
  34. Chris 333
    Chris 333
    Please can you help me get my radio BP 234631965415 and part numper 7642346318
  35. Guesst4094
    1 astra and a Micra
  36. Peter m
    Peter m
    Hi! Could anyone help me find the code for nissan micra 05. Bp 536258421938, MMR CD-G 7645362318 please. Thanks
  37. Slaca
    Slaca Vic
    7473 or 1473
  38. cboris
    trial member
  39. Davy82
    New the game
  40. Lucifers K12
    Lucifers K12
    Servicing the little beast
  41. Vic
    Hi I need a code for my radio bp334947246648
  42. Bradley11
    Does anyone know if removing the stuff inside the cat on my k11 will mess how the car runs and what the 2 lambdas read?
  43. RobinG
    Help needed
  44. BigHaych
    BigHaych frank
    Hi Frank,
    I suspect a timing chain issue on my 04 k12 micra. Did you creat any threads on here that help with the replacing it or know of any.
    1. frank
      Kenirobo (sp?) posted some info on here mate
      Sep 18, 2017
    2. BigHaych
      Thanks frank ive spoken to him
      Sep 23, 2017
  45. WarrenCAT
    Micra K11 (Taiwan)
  46. huttojb
    huttojb Daniel Bolton
    I can try, what's wrong. Where are you located?
    1. Daniel Bolton
      Daniel Bolton
      I'm located in Andover, Hampshire. The car has lost power steering. Warning lamp on. Error codes have read that the ecu and motor have failed. Just need to diagnose the issue and resolve it asap really!
      Aug 31, 2017
  47. Anjel
    Need code for my radio...bp536556438283
  48. Daniel Bolton
    Daniel Bolton huttojb
    Hello, could you please help me with a power steering issue on a K12?
    1. huttojb
      I can try. What's wrong. Where are you.
      Aug 27, 2017
  49. brian.r
    Hi Had down flow sensor changed now radio will not work, could any one help with code please
  50. Zigzagmike
    Zigzagmike Kev
    Hi kev, when i try to go into the sales pages i get a 'An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later' message, any help on that ?