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    Ma09ERT prep for install

    Can give you a tank if you want just need to get in contact with me. 727-0628.I am supposed to have one lying around.
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    Give me a call 727-0628

    Give me a call 727-0628
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    SuperTurbo Project Help

    I would suggest 2.25,but let hear what the experts recommend.
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    SuperTurbo Project Help

    Oh by the way I would like to see the videos of the STs with the different setups though.
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    SuperTurbo Project Help

    Wow,my head is abuzz with all this info, to be honest i can see the advantage of remapped Ecu but it can`t be done here,while there are good emanage tuners here,both William18 and I are doing work on our cars,he has a ST engine and me a turbo.I would love to try both options myself to decide but...
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    SuperTurbo Project Help

    Hey guys I have not used either as yet,the Mapped ECU or the emanage Ultimate. What are the pros and cons to each of each option, I know that the ignition timing can be adjusted using the emanage but I am ignorant to the remapped Ecu to be honest.
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    My ST got stronger

    Was referingtraction to problems,is this an issue? Wonder what are Baz and Ed thoughts on the work done?
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    My ST got stronger

    I was refering to any problems with traction,is it an issue with the new power under the bonnet,wonder Baz and Ed thoughts are concerning the work done?
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    My ST got stronger

    Wow,impressive upgrages oranje. Looked at these pictures about a dozen times.Are you having any wheel speed issue withe the upgrades?How much boost are you running presently?
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    New kid on the block.

    Coming soon,still have to tune and it will be dynoed soon,so says the owner.Will keep the page updatede unless he decides to do it himself.
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    March turbo and st question

    Would an engine management system minimise the chance of the piston melting in the MA turbo. properly tuned off course.
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    New kid on the block. That the website you can check it out. the thing about the K10 March is that it did not original come with a crossmember front to back as did the K11 and K12. But I have picture of a SR20 turbo charged in K10 March as well. But these guys are good at what they do as you...
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    New kid on the block.
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    March turbo and st question

    Ok fellas I have a few questions,the are a group of guy down here that are installing Ma09 and Ma10 turbo engines in their cars.Now I have posted a couple question and been advised accordingly saving me time and money.Many thank to Ed,Baz,Frank,gtnissanb oranje,and all the other person who may...
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    My 1989 March Super Turbo Rebuild

    Sweeeeet.Looks like a brand new hybrid.