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    newbie - difference between bulbs

    Thanks for the help ..... I found out what I needed to elsewhere in the end
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    How did you find the Micra Sports Club?

    Google search
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    Hi everyone I'm a new member, joined last night I have a 97 Nissan micra, only had it for 2 and a half years it's my first car and I'm loving it, I've posted a couple of threads in the K11 section which I could use some replies to specially the one about headlights :-) Thanks
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    lock caps/covers

    hi guys anyone know where i can get a lock cap/cover , i had my micra broken into and they left a nice little screwdriver hole in my door :( it's been pushed back out but you can still see its had damage to it , the garage told me you can get these things that are like stickers or covers/caps...
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    newbie - difference between bulbs

    Hi everyone i'm a new member to the forum , have had my micra for 2 and a half years now and love it! I have had my headlight bulb blow on me today though and looking at halfords online i'm abit confused on what bulb it is I need what is the difference between a dipped beam and full beam bulb...