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    Blog My 1997 March Cabriolet

    190bhp on stock internal?! stunning!
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    Bash's Hillclimb car

    nice ride !
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    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    Love this really accurate threads. so inspiring (and the blue 1.4, HISTORY for micramaniacs)
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    My little 1,0 16v facelift from Italy

    good news! micra is back on the road! resprayed, new hub bolts (nismo ones) whiteline front arb fitted, whiteline rear panhard fitted, omp strut brace on back, wheels refurbished and white painted, nismo rear arb bought but not fitted (strongflex send me 16mm bushes instead of 18mm). also new...
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    hi paul, more info on this rear bracing? it bolts on the seatbelts points?
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    Cabrio Hard Top

    crazy hornet is making a HT for K11 cabrio, sometimes he posts pictures of the WIP
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    My K11 SR20DE+T Thread

    Amazing work
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    someone has a rear whiteline arb for sale?
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    How to... replicate a twincharger system on a k11.

    so twincharge is not a mad thinkin! (nice work pork, i like it, which ecu are you using?)
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    How to... replicate a twincharger system on a k11.

    Using a supercharger from a mini r53 and a T25 from a 200sx, is it possible to replicate the SuperTurbo charging on a CG10/13? there is something similar to an electromagnetic pulley to switch on/off the supercharger? someone has the charging scheme from a k10ST?
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    My little 1,0 16v facelift from Italy

    removing dust from the 3d... so, I need to change hub bolts, I found these ones from an italian wheels company they suits on Imprezas, but seems to have same pattern of micra ones? they are good? bonus pic.
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    My cg13de powered Mini

    the ex mainfold is a one-off piece? it's amazing!
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    micra madness

    you considered ITBs from a bike?
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    hi, did you arleady sell whiteline arb's?
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    More Jdm K11 Parts Nismo Wide Arches Etc

    I'm interested too